Terms and Conditions 



Reservation :

After having had a first phone conversation/email to discuss the details of the chosen tour/course, all reservations will be confirmed on reception of a check equivalent to 30% of the total price. It's possible as well to do it with a Paypal transfert or a simple bank transfert. The balance will be paid at the end of, or on return from your tour/course. 



Cancellation and modification:

Depending on weather and mountain conditions, the guide reserves the right to modify the tour/course and/or interupt it if deemed necessary in order to ensure the maximum safety.


In the eventuality of the programme being modified during the outing, the fee for the tour/course will be left to the discretion of the guide and based on how much of the course/excursion has already been completed, all of this in accordance with standard practice and customs  in the art of mountain guiding, e.g. when making an ascent, if I judge that your physical condition or your technical ability is  insufficient  to continue the tour in reasonable conditions of safety, turning back halfway could be a decision I may have to take and the price of the outing would be retained. If however meteorological conditions oblige us to turn back, the price will be based on the service already completed and at the guide’s discretion.  



If for any reason an outing is cancelled by you  less than one week before departure of the tour/course,  the deposit received at the time of reservation will be retained.



For courses where a minimum number of participants is required to guarantee departure and in the event that the required number of participants is not reached, the fee per person for the course may need to be modified, with your prior consent, to ensure that the programme can go ahead. If an agreement is not reached, the outing will be cancelled and the deposit refunded.



Insurance : 

Guides are covered for professional liability insurance on site (location) as well as being covered for any eventual rescue services for themselves and their clients.



It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain adequate insurance prior to the course which covers emergency search and rescue plus medical expenses and repatriation. The insurance should specifically include the activities you are undertaking in the tour/course. 

I do ask you to take out insurance which covers these specific activities ( to pay your skipass by credit card makes you automaticaly covered by the insurance of your bank/card )





The price of each tour/course is confirmed in advance during the first telephone call.

Unless otherwise mentioned,the price of each tour/course includes:

-the guide’s fees,

-the loan of technical and safety equipment within the limits of availability.

It doesn’t include:

-fees for huts and accommodation for you and your guide,

-fees for meals and rations during the tour/course, for you and your guide,

-fees for transport,

-fees for ski lifts for you and your guide.


The price of each course is announced in advance during the first telephone contact.

Apart from under specific circumstances the price for each course will include:

Guiding fees

Loan of technical and safety equipment within the limits of availability



Nico Defretin
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