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High Altitude Mountain Guide, (Fitness coach) / Alpine performance trainer, climbing instructor

My passion for the mountains is my driving force. Friendly and cheerful (so I’ve been told!), I deliver a professional service of high quality altitude guiding with the utmost emphasis on safety. I hope to show you how to combine challenge with enjoyment in a setting that will leave you lost for words….

Choosing to spend time in the mountains is a magical way of exploring a unique environment while discovering more about yourself.

The mountain wilderness lies basking in its natural beauty yet beneath it reveals its raw, bare physical nature as it has been, for millions of years. Naturally this ever changing environment is unpredictable at times which is why hiring a guide enhances your time in the mountains.

Exploring the mountains with a guide means that your tour/course is organised in such a way that you will be in the right place, at the right time while in complete harmony with the chosen activity as it leads you to this spell bounding new world. Managing and optimizing the risk to reward ratio whether it be due to the terrain, climatic conditions or factors like fear and stress is among the expertise of a guide and the key to ensuring that these shared experiences remain lasting memories for life.

Here a few of the reasons that people hire mountain guides:

  • -to be with an expert companion who strives for safety and discovery
  • -to learn new skills and techniques
  • -to let a professional take on the organisation and planning of a tour
  • -to maximise limited time in an area
  • -programmes can be tailor-made so you ski at your own pace and itineraries can be adapted to suit you

My dream is to share my awe of this multi-faceted environment with like-minded mountain enthusiasts. Each individual is different in their motivation, inspiration and physical capacity and part of my role is to be flexible so that we can work together to find the activity that will best suit you.

To further meet your expectations, or in the event that I may already be ‘tied up’ with other clients, I would be able to put you in touch with fellow qualified guides who are well known to me and who also respect the same ethical principles and like myself pride themselves in high quality guiding.

Looking forward to hearing from you,