Ski touring

Ski Touring

Access places in the mountains very few skiers have experienced…. Enjoy powder skiing, untracked pristine snow, and immerse yourself in wilderness.

Ski touring is an adventurous way of touring the mountains and feeling completely at one with nature. You can discover wild isolated mountain terrain that is inaccessible to ordinary skiers.

For many years ski touring had a reputation for being physically and technically demanding. Nowadays, the evolution of equipment combined with changing perspectives on this activity has meant that those with an adventurous spirit can discover the thrill of this unique sport from December to May. This is generally for advanced skiers but can also be made accessible to novice skiers.

If you dream of getting away from it all, ski touring is the perfect activity to escape the crowded resorts for a journey through nature. Glide across the snowy white carpet of powder leaving only your tracks as a reminder that you were there….

Guide Ski Randonnée
Guide Ski Randonnée

If this sounds like a plan, grab your skis, crampons, harness and ice axe …and we’ll lead you to a place that’s worlds away!

  • – If you are experiencing ski touring and back-country for the first time, we can organize excursions that are single or multi day tours, adapted to your pace. We will guide you on how to best begin your journey into the Ski Touring World!
  • – For the more adventurous touring skiers, come & discover with us the most beautiful places in France, Europe and the rest of the world (Iceland, Baikal Lake to name a few).

We will make sure that you always have all the necessary safety equipment for your tour.

Guide Ski Randonnée
Guide Ski Randonnée


€450 per day, from 1 to 2 skiers, then 50€ for each additional person, up to a maximum of 6 skiers. Depending on your chosen tour, the number of participants may need to be adjusted based on mountain conditions, technical ability and fitness levels, in order to guarantee optimal safety. The total cost is split equally amongst participants.


The price includes

personalized guiding & instructions from your High Altitude Mountain Guide, 

safety equipment rental (at a minimum ARVA/transceiver, spade, probe) 

and any additional equipment required for the specific route chosen (crampons, ice axe, harness).


The price does not include

transport to / back from the starting point, 

ski lift passes if any, meals, snacks & drinks, 

and accommodation or any other extras throughout the day.

Guide Ski Randonnée
Guide Ski Randonnée