First Vallée Blanche

10 June 2023

The route of the mythical Vallée Blanche is something that leaves deep memories. Like a part of yourself that remains the top and a part of the mountain that you take in your heart.

For their baptism in Vallée Blanche, Louise, Hortense and Cléophée had taken in their bags an infallible motivation and an ultra-vitamin good mood! For a first route, the classic and panoramic route is decided. Safety instructions explained and repeated. Shoe skis. Let’s go!

Eighteen kilometers below and a good lunch break at the Shark Refuge, the images collide in the head. Mont-Blanc, Aiguille du Midi, Dent du Géant, crampons, glaciers, global warming, nature, moraine scree, crevasses, croziflette… too many things to digest, but that will be there for life.

Thank you girls! It was seriously stylish.

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