Ski the Vallée Blanche,

a legendary off-piste route in the heart  the Mont Blanc massif.




Having taken a 30 minutes ride up on the cable car to the summit of the l'Aiguille du Midi at 3842m, you will be met by some  breath-taking views : Mont Blanc, you can’t miss it (!) and the many other magnificent peaks, Grandes Jorasses, Cervin, Grand Paradis, Mont Rose... 





We begin by descending the well-known snowy ridge, roped up until we put on our skis on. Then we set off for 23 km of magic and 2000m of vertical descent in a setting of outstanding beauty.


Discover  fantastic itineraries:


Depending on snow conditions, your technical level and motivations, your guide can offer you different itineraries :  la classique, le petit envers, le grand envers...


The vallee Blanche is accessible for every skiers who know to stop and turn in small areas with an adapted speed, but keep in mind that is absolutely not a groomed slope.

Your guide will adapt your speed according to the conditions and where you are on the glacier.


Our main projects are :


- your safety

- your satisfaction



Let's discover some amazing routes :


La Classique : The famous and classical route. In that case, classical means "panoramic". This is the longer route of the Vallee Blanche but the easiest one as well. 


L'Envers, petit et grand : That routes can offer to good skiers incredible descent through the crevasses and seracs. Some parts are steep and need a really good stability. 


La Vraie Vallee Blanche : The historic route. Skied the first time by the guides of Chamonix a long time ago, this descent offers a wild trip into an impressive glacier. For really good skiers only.



Meals are possible at the Refuge du Requin (mountain hut), located half-way down.




400€ for 1 to 4 skiers, 50€/pers in more, until 8 people ( according to the conditions ), to be devided between participants.

The lifts are not included. 



This price includes:



Personalised guiding/instruction from your High Altitude Mountain Guide,

Reservation of the cable car .

Loan of specific material ( Harness, arva)


This price doesn’t include:


Ski pass for the lifts

Transport  to the location of the activity

Meals, drinks, extras on the day.



Deposit Vallee Blanche
100,00 EUR

A 100€ deposit is needed to confirm your booking.


Practical information:



Every day, from January to May depending on snow conditions.


Departing from Chamonix and returning to the valley usually takes about 4
 to 6 hours depending on your chosen itinerary.


Personalised guiding/instruction:
La Vallée Blanche
 is an unmarked off-piste backcountry trail, that is set on a high altitude glacier.
Being accompanied by a qualified guide is certainly the safest means of fully enjoying your tour knowing that maximum safety precautions have been  taken. Thanks to the guide’s in- depth knowledge of the terrain you know you are in experienced hands leaving you the  chance  to take in the enthralling  wonders of nature.
A guide can supervise a maximum of 8 people, this number can vary depending on the conditions of the glacier.


Technical requirements:

Skiers need to know how to control their speed, to slide-slip and to perform turns at moderate speed when required to by the itinerary.  The trail can be compared to that of a red run in terms of technical difficulty.
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that is does however remain an off piste itinerary and the level of technical difficulty may increase in relation to the weather/snow conditions at the time.


Equipment and clothing:
Regular  ski equipment is sufficient. 

We will organise all the necessary safety equipment ( transceiver, harness...). Clothing should be appropriate for the cold and wind that we often feel when we set off. Gloves, hats, sunglasses and sun cream are essential. A back pack will be needed for your drinks and snacks and to store your clothes if it gets too hot. 



This programme is provided as a guideline. In the interests of safety, clients must abide by the guide’s decision to judge any unforeseen situation . The programme is susceptible to modification depending on the meteorological and mountain conditions as well as the fitness levels and technical skills of the participants.


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Nico Defretin
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