Alpine Ridge Crossing

Truthful treasure of our mountains, crossing a beautiful alpine ridge is for sure an unforgettable memory.


Between sun and shadow, walking and climbing that kind of route gives to the mountaineerers a really wild feelling, far of the classic and normal itineraries full of people.


The Mont Blanc Massif abounds of these incredible path in the middle of the sky. 

For all levels and motivations, we are kind to guide you in these places, where it's finally allowed to live the real life.


As Alpine Ridge Lovers, we enjoy to come with you and make you discover our secret and most beautiful routes in the Alps.


For one or several days, let's fly with us linked by the rope !


According to the mountain's conditions, your level, our feeling, we'll propose to you the best route to survey during your trip.


Guide fee : From 350€ per day. Obviously, the guide fee depends of the lenght, the commitment and the difficulty of our project.


Begginers ridges : 


- Arête des Cosmiques

- Crochues ( Aiguille Rouges )

- Miage traverse


Intermediate ridges :


- Perrons traverse

- Miage-Bionassay-Mont Blanc Traverse

- Kuffner Traverse


Expert Ridges :


- Matterhorn

- Aiguille Verte 

- Grandes Jorasses




Nicolas Defretin - Chamonix Mountain Guide -   +33674375512


Nico Defretin
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